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Moving is a stressful event and we know what a burden it can become a burden on people who are already stressed enough with moving from their homes. Youboxit is here to take the stress off of your by providing you with full-service moving options to ensure a smooth transition from your old place to the new.

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“ We would like to thanks to your crew for the excellent job they performed! I couldn’t have asked for a smoother move.”

Julia Green,

Julia Green,


“ The moving team we had were wonderful! They were extremely hard working, helpful, professional and polite.”

Dan Hoffman,

Dan Hoffman,


“ Would just like to say that the company was great to deal with. These men treated our furniture as if it was their own.”

Samantha Nicholson,

Samantha Nicholson,

For Stress-Free Moving

Here Are Some Tips

Area Rugs

Area rugs are essential but are often ignored. So when you are moving your furniture there’s a rare opportunity to have them cleaned. You should most definitely take the opportunity to clean them up. Our cleaning team can help you out with that.


Moving Furniture may be harder than it looks. So first you should see if the furniture can be taken apart into smaller chunks. However, if you have furniture that can’t be taken into pieces that can’t be taken apart then you should contact a specialist.


Using styrofoam balls and clothes to pack your easily breakable items will go a long way to ensure that items like drinking glasses, plates, artwork, and mirrors should be carefully packed. However, it is best if you are working with professionals are certified to do the work.


When you are moving often you would want to remove the clothes and fold them up to in a different compartment. However, the best option is to keep all the clothing inside the wardrobe when moving. That ensures you don’t have extra baggage when moving day comes.

Hire Insured Professionals

If you are thinking about moving out of your old home and into your new one with the help of your friends and family then you should know that it isn’t the best option. Hiring an insured professional company will make sure that your items and belongings remain intact.

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